Template information


Astrolus is a beautiful landing page template, built with Astro and Tailwind CSS, using the design blocks from Tailus UI kit.

Fully responsive
Free & open-source
Developer friendly
Dark mode

About the template

If you’re looking for a fast and highly customizable landing page based on Astro and Tailwind CSS, then Astrolus is the template for you. The template is based on the design blocks from Tailus and made by the same talented folks who created the UI kit. 

The design is both minimal and modern. It is perfect for a SaaS, startup or your next marketing campaign to showcase your business and services. The template includes various design blocks including a hero, logo clouds, beautiful feature and content sections, testimonials, and more. 

Project Structure

The template includes the following folders and files:
├── public/
│   └── favicon.svg
├── src/
│   ├── components/
│   │   └── Card.astro
│   ├── layouts/
│   │   └── Layout.astro
│   └── pages/
│       └── index.astro
└── package.json

Astro looks for .astro or .md files in the src/pages/ directory. Each page is exposed as a route based on its file name.

All of the components are in the src/components, directory.

Any static assets, like images, can be placed in the public/ directory.

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