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Buio is a monochromatic Tailwind CSS UI Kit built with Astro.js. With 33 pages, 80+ sections, and 100+ components, Buio makes it easy to craft a fully customizable and responsive landing page or website in no time.

33 pages
80+ sections
100 components
Fully responsive
Support included
Lifetime updates

About the kit

Buio is a monochromatic and fun Tailwind CSS UI Kit designed to help you build and customize landing pages and websites in a matter of hours, not months. Built with Astro.js, Alpine.js, and MDX, Buio offers you an extensive selection of 33 pages, 80+ sections, and 100+ components across various categories, ensuring that you can create a unique and tailored online presence.

The template features a fully responsive design, custom color palettes, and excellent performance, accessibility, and SEO scores. Buio provides compatibility with popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

Choose from an extensive selection of pages, including:

  • 4 landing pages
  • 3 pricing pages
  • 2 about pages
  • Carriers, carriers entries, and carriers application
  • Blog pages: main blog, individual blog posts, tags index, tag slug, and RSS
  • Utility pages: changelog, terms of use, privacy policy, coming soon, 404, and 4 FAQ pages
  • Forms: contact, submit, sign in, sign up, and forgot password
  • Style guide

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