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Landing website + Blog using Jekyll & Tailwind CSS

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About the template

Cookie is a fast and easy to deploy landing website for your next project.
Cookie is a Jekyll and Tailwind CSS based static website that makes the whole process of creating and launching landing websites extremely easy. With its responsive and mobile friendly pages, integrated blog, additional pages and [Soopr]( integration, you can focus on building your product than landing website. 


  • Well-designed landing page
  • Responsive and mobile friendly
  • Additional pages like about us, terms of service & privacy policy
  • Integrated blog, write content in markdown format
  • Easy to customize using Tailwind CSS
  • Fast and performant website
  • SEO optimized (uses Jekyll SEO Tag)
  • RSS feed (uses Jekyll Feed)
  • Easy to deploy, one-click deploy on Netlify possible
  • Soopr integrated - easy to customize share & like buttons, URL shortning and website analytics
  • Auto generated share images for social media using Soopr

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Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at


Cookie uses a landing page provided by Tailwind Starter Kit -  under MIT License. Initial code was also inspired by Jekyll TailwindUI


This project is available as open-source under the terms of the MIT License.

✨⚡You can read more about Abhinav, the creator of this template,  on his blog or follow him on Twitter - @abhinav

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