Flowbite Blocks

Flowbite Blocks

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Build your website with over 120 free and premium Tailwind CSS components and sections. Use their custom configurator to customize colors, fonts, and dark mode to your heart's desire.

120+ Components
Figma files included
Fully customizable
Fully responsive
Dark theme enabled
Beautiful modern designs

About the kit

Flowbite Blocks is a collection of over 120 website sections created by the founders of the popular Flowbite Library. The blocks are purposed for marketing-oriented websites and landing pages.

They built all of the website section blocks using the Tailwind CSS utility classes and the interactive components from the core Flowbite Library. 

A few of the components are freely available under the MIT license and serve as great examples of what to expect if you get the pro license and access to the entire library. The pro license will also get you access to the design's Figma assets.

Here's an overview of all of the marketing categories that are readily available:

  • Hero sections (14 components)
  • Feature sections (9 components)
  • Headers (8 components)
  • CTA sections (8 components)
  • Pricing sections (7 components)
  • Content sections (7 components)
  • Footer sections (7 components)
  • Social proof (6 components)
  • Popups (5 components)
  • Team sections (5 components)
  • FAQ sections (5 components)
  • Testimonials (5 components)
  • Newsletter sections (5 components)
  • Banners (5 components)
  • Contact Forms (5 components)
  • Blog Sections (5 components)
  • Customer Logos (4 components)
  • Cookie Consent (3 components)
  • 404 Pages (3 components)
  • 500 Pages (3 components)
  • Maintenance Pages (3 components)

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