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Gray is a black and white landing page template designed for tech and SaaS companies. Built with Tailwind CSS and available in HTML, Next.js, and Vue, it offers a minimal yet modern aesthetic.

Available in HTML, Vue.js & Next.js
Sketch & Figma design files
Hand-drawn illustrations
Fully responsive
Lifetime updates
Unlimited use

About the template

From Cruip, the makers of some of the most admired Tailwind CSS templates, comes Gray—a meticulously crafted black and white landing page template that redefines minimalism. Designed for modern tech and SaaS companies, this template turns shades of gray into a palette of sophistication.


Focused Messaging: Gray employs a design language that emphasizes what truly matters—your content. Leave behind the noise of excessive colors and focus solely on conveying your message effectively.

🎨 Captivating Visuals: Contrary to the monochromatic stereotype, Gray leverages varying shades and accent colors to create a sleek, modern aesthetic that attracts and engages.

🛠 Coded in 3 Stacks: Available in HTML, Next.js, and Vue, this template makes no compromises on versatility.

🎢 Smooth User Interactions: Incorporating interactivity across all template stacks including the HTML template with Alpine.js.

🖼 Hand-Drawn Elegance: The design is adorned with bento-style, hand-drawn illustrations, offering a unique aesthetic touch that can be adapted to any context.

📄 Multiple Pages: Gray comes with a dense landing page layout packed with content sections, pricing, and testimonial blocks. Additionally, you get 3 authentication pages including a 'request demo' page that includes multiple forms.

Template specs

  • HTML Template: Built with Tailwind CSS v3 and Alpine.js v3. Shipped with pre-compiled CSS, changes via Tailwind CLI.
  • Next.js Template: Built with Next.js 13 - app directory plus TypeScript support - and Tailwind CSS v3.
  • Vue Template: Basic app built with Vue v3, Tailwind CSS v3, Vite v3.

Additional Features

  • Design Files: Available in Sketch and Figma
  • Pages: 4 in total
  • Iconography: Nucleo App
  • Images: Sourced from Unsplash

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