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Gust UI

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Gust UI is an assortment of components, elements, and pages constructed using Tailwind CSS in order to make your development process easier and web apps elegant.

High resolution
Well documented

About the kit

Gust UI is a free Tailwind UI kit for visionary applications. Their ever-growing library of components, elements, and example pages will make your tailwind apps even sleeker and faster to develop. Gust UI has 50+ components, 4+ pages and plan to add more every other week.

The components are built with both HTML & React. React components each come with documented properties which unlock hundreds of new combinations. Adjust one value, and have a completely new component. Many of the components even come with hooks to help you manage state in your application.

Gust UI is really easy to set up and is well documented. Check out their docs for more information.

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