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Jobhire is a Next.js job board template with a modern design and over 15 pages. Built with Tailwind CSS, it offers a modern, responsive design with robust features for both employers and job seekers.

15+ pages
Component based
Responsive design
Search Functionality

About the template

Looking for a streamlined way to build a job board or hiring platform? Jobhire combines Next.js v13 and Tailwind CSS to offer a modern, responsive interface that’s fast and efficient to work with. It is a comprehensive solution with over 15 well-designed pages and a modular component-based architecture for easy development and customization.


  • Built on Next.js: This React-based framework offers server-side rendering and static site generation for a high-performance website.
  • Tailwind CSS Styling: Tailwind’s utility-first approach means you can rapidly develop your website and easily customize it.
  • Responsive Design: Jobhire looks great across devices, ensuring a smooth user experience whether your audience is on a desktop or mobile.
  • Search Functionality: The powerful search feature means job seekers can find the right opportunities without hassle.
  • Job Listings: Easily create and categorize job postings based on type, location, or experience level.
  • Resume Uploads: Jobhire lets job seekers upload their resumes directly, making it simple for employers to find the right candidates.
  • Employer Profiles: Let employers showcase their company culture and job openings in their own dedicated space.
With its contemporary design, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive set of pages, it is a great option to kickstart your job board website. For example, the home page alone offers three distinct layout options, while the job listings page adds even more versatility with multiple views, including a particularly innovative split-screen feature.

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