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Navy is a modern, dark-mode Tailwind CSS theme and UI Kit built with Astro. Offering 40 pages, 100+ sections, and 300+ components, Navy allows you to build and customize your online presence swiftly and efficiently.

40 pages
100+ sections
300+ components
Fully responsive
Email support
Lifetime updates

About the kit

Introducing Navy, a modern, dark-themed Tailwind CSS UI Kit and theme designed to help you create and customize landing pages or websites for tech startups. Navy boasts an impressive range of pages, sections, features, and details, providing you with everything you need to build a striking online presence. It’s a comprehensive toolkit that blends aesthetic appeal with functionality, offering over 300 components that are fully responsive and customizable.


  • Technologies: Built using Tailwind CSS, Astro.js, and Alpine.js.
  • Performance Metrics: The UI Kit excels in performance (99), accessibility (100), best practices (100), and SEO (100).
  • Rich UI Components: More than 300 components, including tabs, modals, and tooltips, for comprehensive user interface design.
  • Extensive Pages & Sections: Contains 40 pages and 100+ sections, ensuring a full suite of options for all parts of your digital platform.
  • Seamless Customization: A custom color palette and flexible sections for effortless adaptation to your brand identity.
  • Support: Lexington Themes provides support for all template purchases.
  • Compatibility: Navy is compatible with all modern browsers including Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Arc browsers.
Navy is an exceptional Tailwind CSS UI Kit designed to make the process of building and customizing landing pages or websites as quick and efficient as possible. With its wide variety of pages, sections, and components, Navy ensures that you have everything you need to create the perfect online presence with a modern, dark-themed design.

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