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Boilerplate and Starter for Next.js 12+, Tailwind CSS 3 and TypeScript ⚡️ Made with developer experience first: Next.js + TypeScript + ESLint + Prettier + Husky + Lint-Staged + VSCode + Netlify + PostCSS + Tailwind CSS

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About the template

Nextjs Starter is Boilerplate code for your Nextjs project with Tailwind CSS. Made with developer experience first: Next.js, TypeScript, ESLint, Prettier, PostCSS, Tailwind CSS and more.

Clone this project and use it to create your own Next.js project. You can check the Next js templates demo.


Developer experience first:

  • 🔥  Next.js for Static Site Generator
  • 🎨  Integrate with Tailwind CSS
  • 💅  PostCSS for processing Tailwind CSS and integrated to styled-jsx
  • 🎉  Type checking TypeScript
  • ✅  Strict Mode for TypeScript and React 17
  • ✏️  Linter with ESLint (default NextJS, NextJS Core Web Vitals and Airbnb configuration)
  • 💡  Absolute Imports
  • 🛠  Code Formatter with Prettier
  • 🦊  Husky for Git Hooks
  • 🚫  Lint-staged for running linters on Git staged files
  • 🗂  VSCode configuration: Debug, Settings, Tasks and extension for PostCSS, ESLint, Prettier, TypeScript
  • 🤖  SEO metadata, JSON-LD and Open Graph tags with Next SEO
  • ⚙️  Bundler Analyzer
  • 🖱️  One click deployment with Vercel or Netlify (or manual deployment to any hosting services)
  • 🌈  Include a FREE minimalist theme
  • 💯  Maximize lighthouse score

Built-in feature from Next.js:

  • ☕  Minify HTML & CSS
  • 💨  Live reload
  • ✅  Cache busting


  • Minimal code
  • SEO-friendly
  • 🚀  Production-ready


  • Node.js and npm


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2020

See LICENSE for more information.

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