Prima Persona

Prima Persona

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Built with Astro.js and Tailwind CSS, Prima Persona is a stylish template for your blog, personal website, or store, featuring both light and dark modes.

Light & dark modes
100% free
Fully responsive
Easy to customize

About the template

Prima Persona is a great Tailwind CSS template, perfect for creating a personal website with a blog and a store. With both light and dark modes, this Astro.js template features six pages, including a home page, about page, blog archive, blog post, projects page, and store page, providing an excellent starting point for your personal site.

The Astro components are built with HTML. However, the flexibility of Astro makes it easy for you to customize your codebase however you prefer. Whether you're using static site generation (SSG) or live server rendering (SSR) to get your data from a CMS, Astro's flexible adapter system ensures seamless deployment setup and configuration.

Astro also provides excellent support for popular front-end tools such as React, Vue, Svelte, and Tailwind CSS, allowing you to bring your own component framework. With Astro's simple setup and configuration process, you can start using Prima Persona in just a few seconds without any complicated setup or configuration required.

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