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Simplexity is a clean and elegant Tailwind CSS blog template built with Astro. With 28 pages, 50+ sections, and 60+ components, Simplexity provides unparalleled customization and flexibility to create a beautiful blog website.

28 pages
50+ sections
60+ components
Fully responsive
Email support
Lifetime updates

About the template

Introducing Simplexity, the ultimate Tailwind CSS blog template that combines clean, elegant design with full functionality and dark mode support. Developed using  Astro, Tailwind CSS, and MDX, Simplexity offers an unparalleled level of customization and flexibility to bring your unique vision to life. 

The blog template's features and details include:

  • Sections: The blog template offers 50+ sections to customize your website.
  • Components: Simplexity provides 60+ components for easy customization.
  • Technologies: Built using Tailwind CSS, AstroJS, and AlpineJS.
  • Performance Metrics: The blog template excels in performance (100), accessibility (98), best practices (100), and SEO (100).
  • Support: For single theme purchases, Simplexity provides email support, while bundle purchases include Discord support.
  • Compatibility: Simplexity is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and Arc browsers.
  • Additional Features: Simplexity is fully responsive, includes future updates, and comes with a custom color palette and custom code snippets color.


Simplexity consists of 28 pages, including main pages, blog pages, and utility pages.

  • Main pages: Home, Pricing, About, Author, Team, Projects, Store, Product page
  • Blog pages: Landing One, Landing Two, Landing Three, All tags, Tag category, RSS, 5 x Normal Blog posts, Blog post with code
  • Utility pages: Terms Of Use, Privacy Policy, 404, Sign up, Log in, Forgot Password, Reset Password

Simplexity is a good choice for anyone seeking a clean, elegant, and fully-functional blog website. Its wide range of features, coupled with cutting-edge technologies, ensures an exceptional level of customization and flexibility, allowing you to create a truly unique online presence.

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