Soft UI Dashboard Pro

Soft UI Dashboard Pro

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Soft UI Dashboard Pro is a premium Tailwind CSS admin dashboard with a modern and elegant design. With hundreds of components and dozens of page examples, it is a great resource for building any admin or application UI.

300 Handcrafted elements
55 Example pages
14 Customized plugins
Fully responsive
Includes technical support
Well documented

About the template

If you are looking for a unique and beautiful admin dashboard/application UI template built with Tailwind CSS, check out Soft UI Dashboard by Creative Tim. The template has an elegant yet clean and simple design. It is made of 300 elements, 55 fully coded pages, and over 14 customized plugins to help you create awesome web projects.

The individual elements include various frontend components like buttons, navigation menus, dropdowns, forms, cards, and much more. One of the things that make this dashboard really useful and powerful is its customizability and extensibility. The template allows you to easily modify and enhance the components however you want.

The page examples cover an extensive array of possible use cases. They include various types of dashboards and page examples like CRMs, various eCommerce pages and dashboards, calendars, account forms, authentication and so many more. Check out the live preview here.


The documentation is written by developers for developers. It is extensive and thorough and a great resource if you ever need help understanding the codebase. You can check out the documentation here.

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