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Studiomax is a dark-themed design template with vibrant gradients, ideal for web development and design services. It includes 22 pages and 80+ components, powered by Astro v4 and Tailwind CSS.

22 pages
60+ sections
80+ components
Modern dark theme
High SEO & performance scores
Lifetime updates

About the template

Studiomax offers a sleek, dark-themed website template, accented with colorful gradient headers that bring a modern and dynamic feel to web development and design services. This template is crafted to provide a professional and contemporary layout, featuring sections for showcasing projects, detailed service descriptions, and an educational blog—perfect for creative professionals and agencies.


  • Vibrant Gradient Headers: Captivating visual elements that highlight your brand's creativity.
  • Dark Theme Layout: A sophisticated backdrop that makes content pop and enhances readability.
  • Astro v4 Powered: Leverages the latest web development standards for smooth performance.
  • Comprehensive Components: Over 80+ components to create a fully functional and informative website.
With Studiomax, users can enjoy the ease of a pre-built structure with the flexibility to customize, thanks to Astro's modular structure and the template's flexibly built sections. The template scores high in SEO, performance, and accessibility, ensuring your website not only looks good but also ranks well. Whether you're showcasing your portfolio, detailing your services, or sharing industry insights, Studiomax is tailored to set you apart in the digital space.

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