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Tailmater is a high-quality and open-source Material Design 3 UI Kit based on the Tailwind CSS framework built with HTML and vanilla javascript.

Tailwind CSS v3
Well Documented
Light/dark Mode
Vanilla Javascript

About the kit

Tailmater is a UI kit that is built on top of Tailwind CSS and uses Material Design 3, which is the latest version of Google's open-source design system. It features a variety of high-quality components, ranging from buttons to forms and cards, and all have light and dark mode options. They are all built with pure HTML and vanilla javascript making them really easy to customize.

Tailmater is the ideal UI kit for developers seeking to combine the power of the intuitive and dependable Material Design System with the efficiency of Tailwind CSS. By streamlining the UI design process and offering a range of high-quality components, Tailmater makes it easy to create web interfaces that exude professionalism and style. Its versatility and reliability make it a valuable resource for developers looking to create high-quality web applications without sacrificing speed or ease of use. Overall, Tailmater is a powerful tool that can help elevate any web project to the next level.

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