Tailus UI React

Tailus UI React

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Tailus UI React is a versatile collection of modern React components built with Radix UI and Tailwind CSS, offering extensive customization options. Perfect for creating tailored web interfaces.

Open source
Multi theming support
Built in color palettes
Fully accessible components
CSS variable support
Light & dark modes

About the kit

Tailus UI React is a modern UI kit designed for building custom web interfaces with ease and flexibility. Built on Radix UI and Tailwind CSS, it offers a collection of highly customizable and accessible React components. It is well-suited for developers seeking to create unique and tailored user interfaces, with extensive options for customization.


  • Component Part Variants: Tailus UI React allows independent customization of individual parts within each component using variants, enhancing flexibility.
  • Theme Customization: Use data attributes to adjust theme properties like palette colors, border radius, and shadows, enabling precise and intuitive control over your app's appearance.
  • CSS Variables: Alongside data attributes, CSS variables offer another layer of theme customization, ensuring you can maintain design control without compromising development speed.
  • Built-in Palette Colors: Leverage familiar Tailwind CSS default palettes to streamline the initial setup and design process.
  • Multi-Theming Support: Easily create and manage multiple themes within your application.
Whether you're building a simple interface or a complex multi-themed application, Tailus UI React provides the tools you need for a highly customized and efficient development experience.

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