Treact is a free set of UI components built with React and TailwindCSS.

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Modern React Landing Page Components Kit


Treact has 52 unique components for all sections that a landing page might have. It also includes 7 prebuilt landing page demos for ready-made use along with 8 inner page demos.

It has fully responsive components sufficient for creating any modern landing page using React and TailwindCSS.

It contains many components of various sections like Hero, Testimonials, Features, Blog Index, CTA, Pricing, Cards, FAQs, Header, Footers.

Customizing things such as brand colors or other colors is also pretty easy using a simple variable change, thanks to Tailwind's configuration file.

The UI Components as well as the prebuilt demos are fully responsive. A lot of components (however, not all) accept many customization props to change the content or certain style characteristics.

To customize content or styles of components whose styles are not exposed, you can directly edit the component file, which should be simple to understand as it's just using styled-components.


  • 52 UI Components
  • 7 Landing Pages
  • 8 Inner Pages
  • Fully Responsive
  • Fully Customizable

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